Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Tale of Two Emotions

Last night was the Annual Great Chili Cook-off at one of Hubby's churches. It's a fund-raiser for the combined Mission Team who are planning a trip to Haiti next year. It was well attended, not only by both churches but by a dearth of community and area folks.

There were 15 Chili entries in this year's cook-off. You donated some money and then got to sample all of the recipes. At the end of the dinner, you vote for your favorite chili and the winner gets a grody chef's hat with a fake chili pepper and his/her name written on the hat in magic marker.

Besides the Great Chili Cook-off, the Mission Team holds an auction with a real auctioneer and his volunteer sidekick. It's a lot like the stand-up of Laurel & Hardy, Lucy & Desi and well - you get the picture. These two guys feed off each other and it lends occasion for lots of laughter.

This year's fare included several homemade pies which went for $31 - $60; a box of ties for $8; gift baskets for $35 - $50; a Marshmellow shooter made out of PCV pipe for $10; a 2 liter of Diet Coke for $10 (sticker said $1.29) and an grape shipping box loaded with homemade jellies for $20. There was lots of other stuff too.

I laughed until my sides hurt and I cried. But then the crying turned serious when I realized how much I love these folks because of how much they love my husband and D2 and how they love each other.

Not fair.