Sunday, March 9, 2008

It Is What It Is

There's a mixture of sadness and joy in the Chez Grace household tonight. Hubby, with his Wonderful PPRC Chair by his side as moral support, announced his reappointment today at both churches. He made the announcement during the Prayer & Praise Time. At the second church, one of the parishoners stood up and tearfully asked to lay hands on Hubby. The whole congregation moved to the front, pushed Hubby down on his knees, laid hands on him and prayed over him. D2 (who attends this church) said her emotions were under control until this happened and she was so moved to see this outpouring of love for her beloved Dad. All Hubby could say is, "I just want to pray the pastoral prayer!"

Their new pastor and his family were taken in this afternoon. I am very pleased with the Cabinet's choice. He's a country boy, is very relational and out-going. Of course, Hubby's gracious folks will make him and his family feel right at home, but I think it will be a very good match.

It's kinda weird introducing a family to their new home. We've loved this parsonage and it made me feel good to hear NP, his wife and their two children "ooh" and "ahh" over it. I especially appreciated, "Look dear! You've always wanted a former dining room!" and "Wow! Look at the size of this kitchen!" "We've always wanted a fireplace!" "Look at the size of these rooms!" With comments like that, I know they will enjoy and appreciate this home as much as we have.

Sadness and joy. Now comes the time to look forward to new beginnings as God leads us in a new direction.

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Questing Parson said...

Ah, the bitter sweetness of the United Methodist appointive system.