Friday, October 31, 2008

Life in a Small Town

Small Town's Garbage Truck has one of these hung on its grill.

Nope, not kidding.

The garbage collectors are nice guys with a BIZARRO sense of humor.

I love it here!

Deja vu All Over Again

First cardiac arrest call in Small Town.

The EMT that showed up with Big Ambulance Service was none other than Former Partner from Small-Town-on-the-River Volunteer Ambulance Service two appointments ago.

He was there for my first cardiac arrest there too. Also former parishioner. Buried his mama. Performed the wedding ceremonies for his kids. His wife and I supported each other through our diagnoses of clinical depression.

Someone from Small Town Volunteer Ambulance asked me if there ISN'T anyone I don't know!

Old Home Day.

Political Elections

Sick of political ads, speeches, infomercials and mud-slinging.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Imitation is the 'Best' Form of Flattery?

Overheard at Church Secretary's family dinner last Sunday:

4 Year Old Granddaughter: "Listen up, everyone! I'm Pastor Net! Get out your books because we're gonna sing 'For the Beauty of the Earth!'

(Everyone sings first verse of the song.)

4YOG: "Now I'm gonna tell you about the Commandments! Number One: Don't shove anybody. Number Two: Don't shove anyone else. Number Three: Don't push anybody anymore ...".

Church Secretary: "Isn't there any other Commandments?"

4YOG: "Oh yeah, there is! Love God and others and don't shove anybody else!"

(At least I know SOMEONE was listening during the Children's Moment and Sermon!) You rock, Morgan!

Birthday Day Update!

If it's October 28th, it must mean that "first" snow has fallen by now! True to tradition, we had 2 inches of the white stuff on my birthday ... and we don't live in a snow belt anymore! (They got 8" - suckas!) Lake Effect!!!!!

My birthday was wonderful - even sitting by Hubby in the Imaging Lab of Nationally Famous Hospital. I even laughed at the older (and slightly demented) lady who razzed him about drinking two 20 oz bottles of contrast!

CT scan done, we headed out to Big Store With Too Many Choices to pick up some groceries for D2. Getting Hubby out of there without spending too much was a job, phew! Just the Tyson Chicken strips, Sweetie! Then we headed off across Nearby Small City to D2's apartment.

The Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake was easy to make and very, very good! D2 made us Chicken Alfredo with fresh tomatoes and broccoli - She's getting to be a good cook! She and her father settled down and watched some TV while I fell asleep on our old couch.

We left in a mix of wind, rain and thundersleet. Since she lives right off the shore of one of the Great Sinkholes, D2 won't have to worry about Lake Effect Snow. And since her apartment is about a mile from where she works, she doesn't have to worry anymore about a slippery commute (And neither will her mama - worrying about her, I mean!) Thank you, Lord!

The Interstates were horrible with snow and ice. The town where the CIUTS had terrible roads. But once we headed for Small Town, the snow lightened and it was easier. We woke up this morning to the VFD pager going off with requests for Fire Police to direct traffic around fallen wires and trees, brought down by the weight of the snow.

So here I sit this afternoon. There is a fire cheerfully burning in the fireplace. The cats are sprawled on the carpet in front of it. I'm warm and happy and at peace with life and the world.

Thanks, God!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Update Dots

  • Ministry life still busy. Coming into the home stretch.
  • Turning 50 tomorrow. Nope, not upset. Nope, no mid-life crisis. Just gratitude to God for the half-century.
  • Hubby has to have a CT scan of his abdomen tomorrow at one of Nearby Small City's major hospitals. He injured himself six weeks ago on vacation in a boogie board mishap. Doc is thinking complications from a bruised or lacerated liver.
  • Since we'll be in NSC, I'll be hanging out at D2's place. I'm gonna do her laundry and she's making us supper.
  • While there, I'll be making my birthday cake: Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake ... in between loads of laundry.
  • Church family had a birthday party for me after worship yesterday. What a great bunch these folks are!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Musings

Thoughts on the weekend ...



... WOW(!!!!!!!!!!) is the only word that comes to mind.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Lull in the Action

I promised myself that THIS TIME I would give myself some breathing room. Somehow, I find myself with more things to do than hours in a day. The last three weeks have been an almost nonstop marathon. It can't be helped - this is stuff that pastors have major responsibility for.

But, this weekend I am off to the Chautauqua Institute for a weekend of DeColores-ing. Hubby is preaching at the other UMC in town (9:00 AM service), so he's filling the pulpit at CATC.

I am looking forward to some spiritual renewal. Hubby did Koininia a year ago. My parents were very involved in the Cursillo movement during my teen years. I can sing the Rooster Song with the best of them (Is it pee-oh pee or pee-oh pie?) and I've helped make palanca. Now it's my turn.

See y'all on Monday!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Nice to be Wanted

Church-Around-the-Corner threw a "Pastor's Appreciation" fete after worship last Sunday since I will be away at Koininia (Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus) this weekend - at Chautauqua Institute, no less!

I digress.

I'm not comfortable with compliments. I've taught myself to try and listen graciously and then say, "Thank you. That means a lot to me," without sounding insincere or ingracious.

This year, however, I made myself really listen and respond. Just about everyone who stayed (and most of those who didn't) came up and said things like "I'm so glad you're here," or "You're such a blessing!" or "God really blessed us with your ministry here." And so many "Hugs and Kisses" (hershey's that is) from the children and youth.

Wow! After CIUS, I tried not to take these words very lightly (and I try not to take them too seriously either - but that's my issue).

I am very grateful to be here. These folks are not perfect, but they are easy to like.

I am glad to be here!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Full Plate and the Gravy's Dripping Off

It's very busy around Chez Grace. Charge Conference preparation, 100th Church Anniversary Planning, Stewardship Program, All Saints Sunday prep, visiting, counseling, grant-writing and turning 50 in 22 days.