Thursday, March 20, 2008

L' Chaim

We're having a Seder Observance tonight at CINS. It's been a long time (or so they say) since they've had one.

We have 50 people coming. That's just a few shy of a Sunday morning worship.
Curiosity mayhaps?

It isn't going to be a regular Seder Meal, although they'll enjoy Chicken Matzo Soup (made by my caring hands) and the rest of the Charoset. There will even be afikoman presents for the children (I insisted - it wouldn't be a Seder without children!).

During my student pastoring days in seminary, one of the congregations I served was blessed with a Messanic Jew. Murray (good Jewish name!) would wear his yarmulke and tallit and he would sing the blessings in Hebrew from his grandfather's Pesach book. What wonderful memories! What a wonderful sharing!

It's memories like those that remind me of the importance of what I do. Even though this has been such a difficult time in my ministry journey, I am reminded, again and again, that I'm helping to make memories.

Let tonight be such a blessing, God, I pray. L' chaim!

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