Monday, July 14, 2008

On a Mission From God

Yesterday morning, a young couple came to worship with the good folks at CATC. Although they weren't here last Sunday, they are regular attenders. He is an unemployed elementary school teacher, totally seeing impaired with a service dog. His wife is a homemaker (for now) and they have a two-week old baby girl. They're not from around these parts. They want their daughter baptized.

At Vespers last night, one of my new parishioners asked if I had met this young couple. I affirmed I had and asked her to tell me their story.

Long story short, they're moving from a one-room apartment to a mobile home in desperate need of repair. When Loving Parishioner went to visit them after church, she discovered that all they had was one chair in the trailer, no major appliances, and the mobile home is in bad shape. She proposed that I make a "visit" (to talk about the baptism), feel them out and see what the church family can do for them. She said that the good folks at CATC will help renovate the mobile home into a habitable place - with the funds coming from the church; procure major appliances and furniture for them - again from the church and in general, show this young couple they are loved and valued in their church family. Loving Parishioner stressed that she doesn't want them to feel bad about accepting our help. And she's planning a Baby Shower/Housewarming Party for them.

My mission: To see what they need and what the church can do for them without making them feel obligated and intruded upon.

What a change from the last four years! Did I mention that I think I like it here?


Mary Beth said...

How perfectly SPLENDID!

Many blessings...

liz said...

Why can't church always be like that? Daft question I know but argggh. In the words of the Black eyed peas - where is the love? Hope you can lap it up and relax in that love as it extends to you too. blessings

the reverend mommy said...

Makes you want to cry, doesn't it?

When the church really is a church -- it's just a beautiful thing.

And you sure do deserve to be in a real spirit-filled church for a few seasons... Just let them help you heal on up.

Mary Beth said...

Hey Net...I emailed you to see if you are up to do the Wednesday festival, but I'm not sure you received it.

Please confirm...thanks!

Marybeth AT unt DOT edu

Singing Owl said...


(I feel a bit covetous. I must repent. :-) )