Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Like Riding a Bicycle

I started the EMT recertification process today by attending a CPR for Healthcare Providers. I have to tell you, I was feeling really intimidated because it's been two years since I've had to remember these skills.

I was a volunteer EMT for 11 years in another Small Town about 33 miles from here. This Small Town doesn't have a paid service either - it relies on volunteers and these days EMS personnel in our part of the state are at a premium. I've always loved EMS and I did miss doing it in my last appointment.

I needn't have worried. It was riding a bicycle after not riding for years. It just came back and I performed automatically. I passed the written test with a 100% and earned a "good job" from the tester on the practical exam.

This weekend is a Trauma Training Weekend. I can get half of the Continuing Ed credits I need for recertifying. The rest I can take on line. Once I'm fully certified, I can join Small Town's Ambulance Service.

And that makes me very happy! You can get to know a lot of folks in the back of ambulance - and it's a good evangelism tool. The downside? If the patient dies and is unchurched, the funeral director usually calls you because "you had a 'relationship' with the deceased (doing CPR).

I like it here!

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Mary Beth said...

Wow, yeah for you! My SIL does this and I am just so impressed with her and you.