Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Thoughts

My first Sunday went well at CATC. The servcie and sermon was well-recieved (I thought) and folks were warm and welcoming. In so many ways, it feels like "home." I love small town life and ministry and I think (and pray and hope!) this will be a good fit.

I am not so idealistic to see there are some issues here. The LayLeader berated the Church Treasurer over his style of reporting the bimonthly Financial Sheet last week after the Council Meeting. I'm not sure exactly what the LL was looking for, but even to my inexpert eye, I understood the report and just how much money is in endowments, designated funds and the general fund ... assests and expenditures. The LL was adamant that if the church was audited, it wouldn't pass muster. He wasn't very nice.

I listened for a few minutes and decided that this wasn't a ditch I needed to die in - at least not this early in my tenure - so I went to my office. After the confrontation was over, the Treasurer came in and we talked for a while. It sounds like a control issue on the part of the LL to me.

Before worship Sunday morning, I visited each of the Sunday School classes. The LL was sitting in a room by himself. He said he was trying to start a Young Adult Class and this was the "Serendipity Class." He couldn't understand why the church's young adults weren't coming; he had invited them and had the Serendipity material (leftover from the 70s & 80s) with which to teach the class.
It was soon apparent (to me) why they weren't beating down the door. Sigh.

Then he started on the Financial Report/Treasurer issue again. I listened for a few minutes, thanked him for expressing his concerns and excused myself.
It IS a control issue.

And I have had my first gender issue. Surprisingly, it's coming from a retired pastor (former EUB) affiliated with the church. It seems he's not going "to sit under the teaching of a woman." So sad.

Anyway, I'm still glad to be here!


the reverend mommy said...

Are you the first clergywoman?
He doesn't have to sit under -- he can always sit OVER THERE. (like in another church.)
Yes, I know, not exactly loving.

I've already had my first ripple -- the pianist resigned at church #2. She says it's b/c she's a new mommy and still is maintaining a full time job and just doesn't have enough energy -- and that is indeed hard.

Cynical person #1 (PPRC Chair) told me that she thinks it's control issues. I think -- that's not my hill to die on. We can do without piano music. I will NOT be drawn into it.

TN Rambler said...

Is the old goat going to stay and potentially undermine your ministry? Or is he going to go quietly to another church? Either way it can't be a pleasant situation to be in. Praying that this (and the lay leader with control issues) won't be stumbling blocks in your path.