Sunday, June 8, 2008

That God! What a Kidder!

Hubby, D2 and I went to his Other Church's Reversed Progressive Dinner last night. I warned them all that it had not better be a cry-fest!

The night was so much fun! We started at the church for dessert; went to a house for grilled steak (Mmmmmm!); went to another house for homemade Mac-n-Cheese; to yet another house for salad and bread; and ended back at the church for hors d' oeuvres.

I "won" a ceramic white elephant for best delivery of a joke. Actually, it was a reminder of the annual White Elephant Party Other Church holds. That's one of my favorite functions to attend as 'The Pastor's Wife.' What a wonderful way to remember them! Now, I gotta pack it and move it.

The folks gifted Hubby with stuff he will need for his new boat. What a surprise! What a bunch of dear, dear folks! He got life jackets, life preserver seats, oars, a marine battery, oil, a fishing pole big enough to catch a whale and other gew-gaws he needed to make it lake worthy.
They surprised me with a sizable gift certificate to the Nearby City Mall because D2 had told them I wanted to buy a "nice suit," but with all of the other expenses, I had not been able (My suits are at least 15 years old). All I want is a nice, fashionable, versatile suit for funerals, special preaching occasions, etc. Now, I can get one!
We cried, but it wasn't a cry-fest. I am going to miss these people. They are good folk.

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