Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Check That One Off the List

I packed up and cleaned out my Church Office at CINS today. Rather than drive all my stuff 16 miles north and then take it south next week, I decided to drive it the 16 miles south to New Church on a whim.

The new folks are really shining up their parsonage. New flooring in the kitchen; new flooring in the bathrooms; fresh paint on the walls and a brand new dishwasher. The ladies were cleaning windows when I got there.

I had a lot of help unpacking the van and it took next to no time at all. Three young boys (around 6th grade) showed up to stack wood for the fireplaces. Everyone has been so friendly, nice and gracious!

I really missed the friendliness, niceness and graciousness. This is feeling more and more like the right place at the right time!


the reverend mommy said...

Sounds Wonderful!
Been thinking about you.
Friendly and nice and good and gracious -- sounds wonderful.

TN Rambler said...

I agree with the reverend mommy - sounds wonderful.

Mary Beth said...

Praise God!
from whom all blessings flow!
Praise God!
all creatures here below,
Praise God
above, ye heavenly host,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!