Saturday, June 7, 2008

Keep Breathing


Hubby had a Mid-Life Crisis a couple of weeks ago. The last time he went through one of these episodes was five years ago. He bought a Camaro.

This time he bought a boat. For fishing. It's only a 14 footer and he got it for a song; however, it's the stuff that DIDN'T come with it that's driving me crazy.

He figured out that he can't put a hitch on his high performance Stratus, nor would the Camaro look "cool" pulling a boat. Nope. It's my van that needs to have the trailer hitch and wiring installed. After all, you can put a lot of fishing poles, ice chests, life vests, lights, fish finders, et al and people in my mini van, so they go fishing with him.

That takes the van out of commission next week.

There is are reasons I chose the van when we were car shopping. I don't like to drive the Stratus or the Camaro - they're both five-speed sticks. I KNOW how to drive a stick (My first car was a VW bug!) but I prefer not to drive one. Also, I have a problem seeing over (or through) the steering wheels because they are both high performance cars that sit low to the ground. In the van, I'm up high and I can see perfectly fine over the wheel.

And then there is the hauling factor. We're moving. I have an office to totally pack up and move next week. And there is Annual Conference. Who bothered to check my schedule while having a Mid-Life Crisis?

I told him when he bought the Stratus that he wasn't using my van to haul his hunting beagles in. Maybe I should have made up a contract that not only included hunting but fishing too.

Damn. I wish I would have thought ahead.

Back to packing.

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