Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Again

Home from Annual Conference.

Our Bishop rocks! What a difference he has made in our Annual Conference with his "Lighten Up, Loosen Up and Have a Little Fun!" attitude! Our morale - both clergy and laity - was at a rock bottom low when he was appointed our bishop. Now, I look forward to attending AC because it is so upbeat and gracious, so Spirit-led and Spirit-filled! I really do get recharged when I go!

Rev. Grace Imathiu was our Bible Study leader. She spoke on the "Should-be Untitled Parable" (Parable of the Prodigal) and the Raising of Lazarus. Her name reflects her teaching and her joy and bubbly personality filled the room (She is a graduate of my alma mater West Virginia Wesleyan College).

Iowa Conference's Bishop Gregory Palmer was our keynote preacher. He wasn't present so much at the AC, since his Conference has been struck by flooding and he was on the phone and on-line directing things back home. Our AC sprang into action when we heard the news. We took up a spontaneous offering and had work teams formed by the time he left, ready to go to Iowa on his notice. Our Bishop called it "The Second Flood - a Flood of Love."

While making our annual pilgrimage to the Cokesbury display, my eyes happened upon a wonderful preaching robe. The alb I purchased over 20 years ago doesn't fit anymore and my black preaching robe - purchased at the same time - is getting threadworn and tatty. Several Christmas' ago, Hubby gift-wrapped an Abbott Hall catalogue and told me to select a new robe. I looked through it, but never got around to measuring myself and ordering it.

But there it was at the Cokesbury exhibit, hanging on the rack! 30% off! And it fit me perfectly! And here it is. That's not me modeling it, but that's my robe!

In spite of having to power-pack this week, I decided to let God fill my heart and soul and while at AC, NOT WORRY about the 'stuff' awaiting me back at home. I had a blast reconnecting and visiting with friends and colleagues alike!

It has been so long, so very, very long, since I've had this kind and this much joy in my heart! It feels so wonderful!

Even power-packing isn't looking so daunting now!

Blessings! One week to go before moving ...

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mid-life rookie said...

I'm so glad you had an uplifting experience. I love that robe - have admired it before. It was meant to be yours - great for a new start. Have you checked out