Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh Lord, Lord

That's about all I can sincerely moan - a heartfelt, gut-wrenching prayer.

One of our church families, who is so faithful in their church, Sunday School and Youth Group participation, had a horrible, horrible thing happen to them yesterday. The little bit of nothing they have is gone, gone, gone.

The Estranged Husband of the Daughter tried to kill her while her three children were at school, and her Widowed Mom and Awesome Brother (who has always worked two or three jobs & he's only 19!) were at work. She managed to get away and outside and call Small Town Police. Estranged Husband wouldn't leave the house, so Small Town Police Chief called in Nearby City's SWAT Team. The SWAT Team proceeded to blast 20 cannisters of tear gas into the house. There isn't a window that hasn't been broken out. There isn't a door that is on its hinges. The roof has been damaged and the inside of the house is guaranteed to be in shambles - but no one can get in until the authorities are done with it.

Did I mention this family has NOTHING. Nothing. No house insurance. Yard sale furniture. Cheap discount clothing - that's all they can afford.

The SWAT Team, after shooting in all that tear gas, sent in a robot with a camera to see what was going on. Evidently, Estranged Husband took matters into his own hands and committed suicide.

Small Town Fire Department (thank God for them!) set up fans to ventilate the house. Today they will proceed to clean up the, um, biological mess. They and the SWAT Team advised the family to hire professional cleaners to come in and rid the house of the pepper spray.

Did I mention this family has nothing? They just make ends meet by the end of the week.

Small Town Fire Department went and got some plastic to cover the windows and the doors because it started to rain. Some kind soul gave them a credit card to buy particle board to board up the windows when it's all over and the scene released. We got some volunteers lined up with ladders and tools. And someone from CINS bought them clothes and essential stuff until the Red Cross and Salvation Army can help.

Yesterday, they looked like the walking dead. I sat and cried with them, grateful they were still alive, but groaning, "Oh Lord, Lord."

Lord, hear our prayers.


jean said...

Grace and mercy be upon this family.

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

Lord, have mercy