Monday, May 5, 2008

Fresh Air

Had my last CINS PPRC meeting tonight. There was enough negativity floating around to choke an elephant. Having been presented with "this is what you're getting, so get over it," they've decided maybe I wasn't so bad after all.

A number of people are going to boycott the Sundays when the CLP preaches. And they are NOT going to call her when they need emergency pastoral care. They're paying for a 3/4 time local pastor, darn it, and that's who'll be their pastor!!!

I took potshots and snide remarks all meeting long. Finally, when the Church Council Chair said to me, "Your husband's churches are mad at us for his leaving. Tell them we didn't run you off."

I just smiled and said, "It's true. You didn't run me off. I CHOSE to leave all this crap! I'll tell them that!" She wasn't impressed with the truth.

I feel so much better! I feel so much lighter! I feel good!

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