Monday, May 12, 2008

A Mothers Day to Remember

Hubby and I took this past Sunday off from our pastoral responsibilities. He coaches a 15-16 year old girls volleyball team. This past weekend was their national tournament in Big-Midwest-City-Named-for-a-Legendary-Explorer. D2 went along because her other high school BFF (besides Cheerful Friend) lives there.

We rolled into the City Saturday afternoon and met up with the rest of the team and their parents. D2 went on to Mush's house to spend the night with her and her husband.

We went out to supper with the parental units while the girls ordered pizza from the Hut next door to the hotel. We had a very nice time and arrived back at the hotel about 9:30 pm. Hubby watched the NBA play-offs and I fell asleep.

About 2:15 am there came this horrible, screeching sound! In a sleep-induced haze, Hubby kept trying to turn off the alarm clock. It suddenly dawned on me that it was the fire alarm! We jumped out of bed and ran outside. Turns out some patron of the hotel's bar thought 2 am was a lousy time to close the bar.

Back to bed. Try to sleep.

Hub, the girls and their parental supporters went on to the tourney. D2, Mush and the Chipster picked me up from the hotel and we went to church at the Vineyard Church of Big-Midwest-City-Named-For-a-Legendary-Explorer. D2 and I are country mouses (D2 is a little less than me. She, at least, can drive in the City). I couldn't swivel my head around fast enough to take it all in! Wow!

I think that's what heaven's gonna be like! It was awesome!

Mush and Chipster took us after church to a Greek restaurant. I've never had Greek food before ... had hummus, pita, gyro and a seafood bisque. To die for! Had to giggle - when the waitress lit a flaming cheese dish, everyone yelled "Opa!" When the flames got a bit too high on the stove for the chef, everyone yelled, "Opa!" And we toasted each other - the daughter of my body and the one of my heart - with mojoitos.

Yeah. And then there were the tornado warnings. I was too lickered up (after one drink) to care about anything but a nap.

We went back to Mush and Chipster's house and I took a long, long nap.

Hubby's team made the play-offs and won a bronze metal in their division. He called and Mush and D2 went to pick him up at the Convention Center. He came to the house and we ate specialty pizza - a new one for him.

We got ready to leave for home because D2 had to work and I had a funeral (see previous post). We said our goodbyes, gave lots of hugs and jumped in the car. Less than two blocks down the street, Hubby heard a thumping noise coming from the left front tire. He jumped out and looked, but didn't see anything amiss with the tire. We drove on and the sound continued. He pulled into a well-lighted gas station to fill the tank (It was 10 pm) and bent over. Sticking out of the tire was a big old bolt.

Decision-making time. I have a funeral the next morning. Top priority. We're four and a half hours from home. Space saver spare. Triple A says that there is no one open at 10:15 pm on a Sunday night to fix it.

Go back to Mush's house. I called Wonderful Secretary who called the other UM Pastor in town. He graciously volunteered to do the the funeral. Bless his heart! We talked on the phone about the sensitivity and degree of difficulty of this service and I knew I had made the right decision.

Went upstairs to the Bedroom under the Eaves and listened to the heavy wind-swept rain beating against the roof. Fell sound asleep under a down-filled comforter snuggled next to Hubby.

We woke up this morning and Mush took the Chipster to work and Hubby to the Tire Repair Shop. We were on the road about 10 am and got home around 2:30 pm.

It WAS a good day in spite of the things we couldn't control. And I am grateful to God for a wonderful weekend.

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Sounds like a great trip!