Friday, April 10, 2009

Things that Make You Go "HmmmHmmmHmmm"

  • You know, Elmer just might be able to be rehabilitated. I was right proud of him Tuesday night at the Church Council meeting and especially proud of him yesterday - he has a real gift for Senior Ministries. Yeah Elmer!!!! Pat on the back and a big hug, buddy!!!!!

  • Speaking about Church Council? Yeah, Mr. Boy Scouts Leader was there. When the Powers-That-Be had my back, he decided to make it ALL the church's fault because we hold their Charter, but haven't provided the necessary leadership as per our Sponsor Status. OK, dude - Do you really want me to tell you guys what you need to be doing to recruit new Scouts? Yeah - What will work in the church can be tweaked to other volunteer organizations. My best advice: Get off your bums and evangelize, er - recruit - new members and once you get them DELIVER THE GOODS YOU'VE PROMISED THEM. Just because the doors are open, I mean, just because there is a Small Town Boy Scout Troop does NOT mean they will be beating down the doors to get in. Sheesh.

  • Heard from the "Boy Scout Council." Ooooooh, big threat! They just thanked us for showing hospitality to not ONE, but TWO Scout Troops. "Thanks and keep up the good work!" Snerk.

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