Monday, April 27, 2009

Building a Mystery

(I always liked that song.)

To the one or two readers that may be reading my blog ... sorry. I've been busy.

This is the time of the year that the our United Methodist Conference powers-that-be demand an evaluation of its pastors. I don't mind being evaluated. It is a wonderful tool in opening discussions as to "what it is I exactly do." And really, it's a good thing - it holds me accountable.

However, it is the Clergy's Ministry Goals for the next 12 months second that drives me bonkers. It forces me to become far-sighted and look ahead. I'm a details person.

This mental and spiritual exercise of discernment has taken quite a lot of time. Such things do not happen overnight for me. I'm also a processor. And I try to listen closely to the Spirit.

My goals for the past 12 months have been:

1. Getting to know the CATC family and the area.
2. Starting a Pastor's Partners in Prayer
*Studying the book Pastor's Partners in Prayer by John Maxwell (New York: Thomas
Nelson. 1996)
*Using a weekly list generated by the pastor to pray for her, the church,
church meetings and programs and supportive prayer for concerns
*Meeting once a month for prayer and refocusing.
3. Listening to the comments, opinions, ideas and stories of the church family to
gain perspectives of pastoral leadership and direction of church ministries.
*In-home visitation of active members
*Active listening in meetings
4. Meeting monthly for the first six months with the SPPRC to share and address
ideas, concerns and expectations (church, SPPRC and pastoral expectations)
5. Working with the SPPRC Committee (and the inclusion of the Church Council Chair)
to develop a vision for the church.
*Core Value
*Mission Statement
*Scripture Verse
6. Discerning church leadership and spiritual gifts
7. Working on the church's infrastructure
*Asking board and committee members to commit to serve an additional year to
provide continuity for the church.
*Setting dates for regular meetings of each church board, committee and
ministry area (at least once a quarter)
*Providing training and education for board and committee responsibilities
8. And all the other stuff as per the 2008 Book of Discipline relating to pastoral duties and

So far, I'm on track with meeting these goals. You can add that I've started a Women's Bible Study and a Wednesday night book study; hostessed various opportunities for fellowship; and revamped worship.

My major goal for the next year is to continue building the church's infrastructure by starting a Leadership Team and selection of the right people to leadership positions. Phew.


Tom Jackson said...

Must be nice to be a pastor and only have to work an hour on Sunday. ;)

(BTW, you left some Google-able terms in item 1.)

SingingOwl said...

Good job, net! :-)