Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Final Countdown

I've been busy with the usual Lenten/Easter stuff. I will be thankful when all that stuff is over and I can catch my breath.

Our Book Study on The Shack and our Thursday night Women's Bible Study are being well attended. Lots of good stuff going on there.

Lost my temper with Elmer, the LayLeader at last week's Finance Committee meeting when he called the less affluent church family members "freeloaders." I was so angry, I had to go get a breath of fresh air before I confronted him for the eleventy hundreth time.

I remembered why I don't like to sing in the choir. I'm not a soprano. I'm an alto and I'm really sorry if we have a gazillion altos and no strong sopranos. I cannot hit the high notes without screeching.

The church sponsored Boy Scout Troop leaders are trying to dictate to me who can use the church's Social Hall and who cannot. Duhr. The church holds your charter. My advice is don't bite the hand that gives you free access to the building. It's a freakin' pissin' match.

And I have to go for some medical tests after seeing my PCP and a neurologist. Both of them are thinking the new kind of headaches I've recently developed are not migraines.

But, today is Palm Sunday and Church Around the Corner is taking in seven new members!!!!

And today is Daughter #2's 28th birthday and she's coming for dinner and presents! YEAH!!!!!

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much2ponder said...

Not sure if I am supposed to be reading your blog. I just happened over here from another blogspot. I do like your honesty. A couple of your questions made me chuckle. :)