Monday, April 6, 2009

So I Didn't Win the Award Today


Mr. Boy Scout Leader called today and wanted to know if I told the "other" Boy Scout troop to drop their plans for a fundraiser breakfast to be held at Church Around the Corner.

Ahem. I told him that after having polled the Church Powers-that-Be, we had no problem with letting the church members who are part of that Boy Scout troop use the church for their breakfast.

Mr. Boy Scout Leader expressed his displeasure and disappointment that "we" weren't going to support our church's own troop. I asked if they had planned on using the church on that particular day. He replied, "No." I asked if they had any plans for using the church other than on their regularly scheduled night. Again no. I asked if the troop had anyone besides him and Mr. Other Leader Who Doesn't Come to Church that were church members or regular attenders. Again, "No."

I told him the church was not getting involved Boy Scout business. He said we'd be hearing from their Powers-That-Be. Sigh. OK. Whatever.

Lord, have mercy. The Boy Scouts.

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Crimson Rambler said...

I swear, the Boy Scouts and all their associates are LIVING ON BORROWED TIME...