Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Nice to be Wanted

Church-Around-the-Corner threw a "Pastor's Appreciation" fete after worship last Sunday since I will be away at Koininia (Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus) this weekend - at Chautauqua Institute, no less!

I digress.

I'm not comfortable with compliments. I've taught myself to try and listen graciously and then say, "Thank you. That means a lot to me," without sounding insincere or ingracious.

This year, however, I made myself really listen and respond. Just about everyone who stayed (and most of those who didn't) came up and said things like "I'm so glad you're here," or "You're such a blessing!" or "God really blessed us with your ministry here." And so many "Hugs and Kisses" (hershey's that is) from the children and youth.

Wow! After CIUS, I tried not to take these words very lightly (and I try not to take them too seriously either - but that's my issue).

I am very grateful to be here. These folks are not perfect, but they are easy to like.

I am glad to be here!