Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday Day Update!

If it's October 28th, it must mean that "first" snow has fallen by now! True to tradition, we had 2 inches of the white stuff on my birthday ... and we don't live in a snow belt anymore! (They got 8" - suckas!) Lake Effect!!!!!

My birthday was wonderful - even sitting by Hubby in the Imaging Lab of Nationally Famous Hospital. I even laughed at the older (and slightly demented) lady who razzed him about drinking two 20 oz bottles of contrast!

CT scan done, we headed out to Big Store With Too Many Choices to pick up some groceries for D2. Getting Hubby out of there without spending too much was a job, phew! Just the Tyson Chicken strips, Sweetie! Then we headed off across Nearby Small City to D2's apartment.

The Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake was easy to make and very, very good! D2 made us Chicken Alfredo with fresh tomatoes and broccoli - She's getting to be a good cook! She and her father settled down and watched some TV while I fell asleep on our old couch.

We left in a mix of wind, rain and thundersleet. Since she lives right off the shore of one of the Great Sinkholes, D2 won't have to worry about Lake Effect Snow. And since her apartment is about a mile from where she works, she doesn't have to worry anymore about a slippery commute (And neither will her mama - worrying about her, I mean!) Thank you, Lord!

The Interstates were horrible with snow and ice. The town where the CIUTS had terrible roads. But once we headed for Small Town, the snow lightened and it was easier. We woke up this morning to the VFD pager going off with requests for Fire Police to direct traffic around fallen wires and trees, brought down by the weight of the snow.

So here I sit this afternoon. There is a fire cheerfully burning in the fireplace. The cats are sprawled on the carpet in front of it. I'm warm and happy and at peace with life and the world.

Thanks, God!

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