Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Imitation is the 'Best' Form of Flattery?

Overheard at Church Secretary's family dinner last Sunday:

4 Year Old Granddaughter: "Listen up, everyone! I'm Pastor Net! Get out your books because we're gonna sing 'For the Beauty of the Earth!'

(Everyone sings first verse of the song.)

4YOG: "Now I'm gonna tell you about the Commandments! Number One: Don't shove anybody. Number Two: Don't shove anyone else. Number Three: Don't push anybody anymore ...".

Church Secretary: "Isn't there any other Commandments?"

4YOG: "Oh yeah, there is! Love God and others and don't shove anybody else!"

(At least I know SOMEONE was listening during the Children's Moment and Sermon!) You rock, Morgan!

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