Sunday, August 24, 2008


Our church float took First Place in the CornFest Parade yesterday morning in the Church Division and tied for First Place with the Amway Store's float in the overall judging.

Hubby's church float had a Corn Still promoting ethanol.

Free Methodist had kids "eating" corn and prayers of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.

The Catholic church had a bunch of senior citizens playing cooking utensils in a kitchen band.

The Lootherans didn't have a float.

I thought the Presby's would win it on the "cuteness factor." They had six little kids wearing muffin head costumes, sitting in a giant muffin baking tin. Another cutie was the cook, stirring corn meal in a bowl and "pouring" it on top of the muffin heads in the baking tin which he then "pushed" into the cardboard replic of a wood-burning oven. My heart sank when I saw their float; and right then and there, I was willing to give a concession speech.

But we WON! WE WON!

The trophy is sitting on the Worship Center today along with some of D2's academic awards and some of Son's athletic awards. I'm preaching on "Excellence in All We Do for Jesus Christ" based on the Romans lectionary passage and the Olympics.


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Singing Owl said...

"...a Corn Still promoting ethanol"...ROFLOL! I was picturing these and LOL. I love your town too, and I've never seen it. :-)