Friday, August 22, 2008


It's CornFest Weekend in Small Town! The whole town has turned out for this annual festival honoring ... corn!

What's the theme of the weekend? Why ... corn!

The County Fire Police have blocked off the center of Small Town for the weekend by order of the Mayor and Small Town Police Department. There are corn balloons, corn dogs, chili and corn bread, corn fritters, fried corn, boiled corn and roasted corn-on-the-cob. (There's also hot dogs, sloppy joes, funnel cakes, bake sale items and the like!)

My absolute favorite of the evening was the Bubblegum Machine Dance Factory. The DJ spun really cool kiddie tunes and we did the Chicken Dance, the Hand Jive, the Bunny Hop and Hokey Pokie.

Tomorrow is the BIG parade. Church Around the Corner has a float in it. The Chair of this years' Float Committee is 13 years old. He stood up in worship three weeks ago and announced he was volunteering to Chair, but needed some help putting the float together. He got lots of help! Our float has a working water mill and small grist stone to grind corn (13 year old's idea). Most of our church children will be riding on it and throwing out "Jesus Loves You" bracelets to the crowd. Both the adults and kids will be dressed in pioneering clothes and Psalm 65:13 covers the back of the "mill." We're going to kick some ecumenical church butt (Hubby's church has a nice cardboard corn stalk and loots of hay bales on their float).

And later on tomorrow there's a Chicken BBQ at the Fire Hall; a Jimmy Buffet Cover Band, Pig Roast, Hula Hoop and Limbo Contests at the Small Town Park.

I love this town!

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Tom Jackson said...

A good float in three weeks? Can we borrow him for a Halloween parade?

I think the corn festival is the farmers' way of compensating the community for the summer-long aroma of their fields. They do the same thing the last weekend of August in Shipp-- er, I mean, in Small College Town About Forty Miles South Of Your State Capital. I went there once, several years ago; it was great fun, with lots of friendly people, returning college students, horse-drawn buggies in the parking lot, and lots of local color and great food.