Monday, August 4, 2008

Fair Time and New Skills

It's County Fair time and Church Around the Corner has a booth with just about every other non-profit in our county. CATC is a little different, however. They're not out to make money - they're out to provide a presence.

With soda going for $3.00 a bottle elsewhere, CATC's booth sells a 20 ouncer for $1.00. Same with water. Popcorn is a quater a bag; 50 cents a box. They also sell double scoop sno-cones for $1.00. But, IMHO, the very best is the Cotton Candy!

I have a new marketable skill to add to my resume: Cotton Candy Spinner. $2.00 for a HUGE bag or $1.50 for a GINORMOUS plonk on a stick! See the picture above? Triple that. No kidding.

I'm really tired tonight. We had a steady business today and I worked seven hours on my feet.

It was pretty neat, too - I saw former parishioners from my appointment before the CIUS. Lots of hugs and catching up!


Singing Owl said...

I want some cotton candy!

jean said...

It's county fair time here, too. I'm a "go-fer" for the food booth for one congregation.

the reverend mommy said...


Singing Owl said...

I got some cotton candy at the nearby town's picnic. But I paid waaay too much for it, and it wasn't as big as yours, I'm very sure.