Sunday, April 27, 2008

Independent Women

I'm off again today ("Two weeks in a row, Pastor?").

D2 is moving into her apartment this weekend. Hubby's been busy with 'other things,' so it's been just me and her. Yesterday, we went to Wally World so she could purchase things that she needed. Then we stopped at home to exchange her little Sentra for my Soccer Mom van and loaded it up with boxes and the shopping bags.

Ever the task-oriented one, I suggested we do the kitchen first. Upon opening the first cupboard, we discovered that the previous tenants had not cleaned up very well. Good thing we bought cleaning supplies! We scrubbed, scoured and disinfected! Ran out of shelving paper. Decided to go out to eat to the local Applebees, where we consumed copious amount of hot Artichoke-Spinach dip. Run to Wally-ganza for more stuff. Washed glasses, cups, pots and pan, bowls, utensils ... are we through yet?

"Where are your dishes? And your silverware?"

"Aren't they in the box. I KNOW they're in the box!"

"Uh, uh." Crap. I was hoping to be done with it.

I put together shelves for the closet and the Wet-Jet.

We didn't finish the kitchen. We rolled into home just shy of midnight - two hours passed my bedtime.

This morning I am walking all bent over. Off to the Church-Just-Down-the-Driveway and then reload the van with more stuff.

Hubby has 'other things' to do today as well. Oh well, I got my toolbox and between D2 and I, we'll git 'er done.

All the women who are independent
Throw your hands up at me
All the honeys who makin' money
Throw your hands up at me
All the mommas who profit dollas
Throw your hands up at me
All the ladies who truly feel me
Throw your hands up at me

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