Monday, April 14, 2008

Eleven More Weeks to Go

Eleven more weeks at CINS.

I wish I could say that I feel the smallest hint of regret at leaving them, but that would be a big NEGATORY!

I received a nasty e-mail from my Church Council Chair denying the truth of my leaving - of which she has been a major part. I decided not to return the favor, but she caught me yesterday after church. I didn't get mad or yell back or pop my cork. I just smiled sadly, thanked her for her "opinion" and left.

SWMNBN is up to her old tricks. Bring it, Grandma!

Last summer, we had an older couple attend CINS after moving to the area to live with their daughter (coincidentally a long-term friend of mine). He had multiple myeloma. He had been attending when he felt well enough and she has missed very few Sundays. Both were very active in their former UM church. He died yesterday, rather unexpectedly. After I announced his death, one of CINS's leaders said to me, "And that means what to us?"

Sigh. Maybe I can push Jesus out of the way at the cat dish. Oh wait! 11 more weeks!

PS ... DS just called. PPRC meeting Wednesday night. They're going on a Charge with three other churches, a FT Local Pastor and Certified Lay Preacher.
Let's see how this one flies!


TN Rambler said...

What did that poor Local Pastor and that Certified Lay Preacher do to deserve this?


the reverend mommy said...

Eleven more week.
Hugs to net.