Thursday, December 18, 2008


What do you do with a Church Secretary that you really like, is very creative, manages to get all her work done even with lots of visiting and phone calls, but doesn't have a filter between her brain and mouth and doesn't seem to get the concept of "What happens between the Non-Church Daycare Director and Staff stays between the Non-Church Daycare Director and Staff?"

We've had several (no exaggeration!) "Come to Jesus" talks about this very issue. I've not told the SPPRC about it.

Seems Church Secretary has been questioning the NCDC Staff about the relationship between NCDC Director and a let go employee and then going back to said employee and reporting what's been said about her termination. NCDC Staff goes to NCDC Director and says, "What's going on? Church Secretary is asking us all these questions?"

NCDC Director calls me and asks for a meeting. "Can you take care of this?"

Oy! Any suggestions beside bring in the SPPRC?


the reverend mommy said...

Sounds like the Church Secretary has an issue with something -- have you asked her the "what's really going on -- what do you feel, yada yada" questions.

For some reason the way that person was let go or the relationship she has with that person is getting the better of her -- is it pressing some button or another of hers? I would place money that she's a strong "F" on the Meyers Briggs.

I would tell NCDD and staff that the CS is just not to be talked to. A good sec is hard to find. If that fails, talk to the SPRC chair first. If they know the people involved, then they may have a suggestion.

the tentmaker said...

I'm usually not very good with acronyms. But I followed this dialogue pretty well until we got to the SPRC. It must be a Methodist thing.

I agree with RM that there must be some issue that CS is tapped into.

I wish you well with this issue. Staff issues are the hardest ones for me to deal with.

Tom Jackson said...

That'd be the Supreme Plenipotientiary Ruler of the Church.

(Or, more commonly, the staff-parish relations committee.)

How 'bout a large sign on the wall: "You can't spell SECRETARY without SECRET." -- something in the manner of those old "loose lips sink ships" posters? Constant graphic reminders might work better than occasional conversations.

Keith Taylor said...

The Heck with all the above suggestions.

There are a alot of serious conversations that take place in the church office that are just plain secret and confidential. Both between the staff and between pastor and members.

Just like I wouldn't want my lawyer's secretary talking all over town about my confidential matters, I don't want my pastor's secretary doing so either.

Clerical help is cheap. Good Clerical help is the same price.

I'd fire her. Okay, I'm a Christian, so I'd tell her that if it happens one more time, she is gone, as in, fired. But seriously, if it does happen again, she has to be gone.