Saturday, December 13, 2008

Home Stretch

Coming down the home stretch! I feel unusually good - not overstressed or over worked! Yeah!

The loan for the new furnances went through and the check came today. The Heating and Plumbing Company took out one of the big, antiquated dinosaurs and installed two new efficient little itty bitty furnance. They installed two for four zone, but Thursday night, only one had to work. SCORE!!! Half of the church done. The other 70's model will be replaced the first week in January with the same amount of fuss (I hope.) The church is looking at substantial heating savings in three years or less.

All the CATC's Christmas events ('cepting for Christmas Eve) have happened. I got a light week.

Hubby and I are going Christmas shopping to Small City on a Great Sinkhole on Monday to finish up. All the presents gotten thus far have been wrapped and put away. Hopefully, we will catch up with D2 for supper Monday.

Hubby found a "cut-your-own" tree farm in Small Town. That's his job. Usually, he and D2 went out and got a tree because they're both real fussy when it comes to Christmas trees, but since she's an hour and half away, that job falls to me. I always opt for the first one I see.

My Christmas cards are all caught up and will be mailed Monday.

Looking good!

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jean said...

Great! Have a blessed Christmas season.