Thursday, September 3, 2009

All Coming Together

It starting to all come together!

CATC's Leadership "Dream Team" has been set up! Church Council Chair will be a retired CEO. LayLeader has already proven to be a good leader. PPRC Chair is an awesome people person. And Treasurer just rocks. He can find money from just about anywhere! These folks are such an asset to my ministry and CATC's ministry!

Our Early Church Summer Experiment is now become a permament part of the schedule. In fact, we've grown out of our Sunday School Room into an unused room with dividers. Between the two services, we have a lot of folks in worship! Praise God!

Started a coffee time between early service and Sunday School. Usually carries over after second service.

Pastor's Partners in Prayer have a blooming and blessed prayer ministry with a healing service after second worship the first Sunday of the month and a Service of Evening Prayer and Praise the last Sunday of the month.

Every Member in Ministry starts this month. Women's Bible Study Group starts next week. Giving is up and we're seeing new faces.

Praise be to God!