Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mission Statements

Why are Mission Statements so hard to write?

CATC's Visioning Committee (PPRC Committee and key church leaders) have been working on a mission statement for the past three months. They can agree on the bigger picture - it's the finer details they can't seem to agree upon.

We've discovered what our core values are. They're not hard: Love (for God and others), faith and ..... obedience, service, guidance? They've managed to work in the love and faith part, but the ___________________ part, they just can't agree to name it.

This week is the last time to work on it. They have to come to some sort of a consensus because I will be putting it in a larger package (2009 officers, budget, etc) and asking the congregation if they can live with it (if they can't, then it needs tweaked) and then it's on to the next level of planning in the boards and committees.

These folks have been a lot of fun to work with. Even when they can't reach consensus, they're still gracious and friendly. I'm praying it will go through!


seethrough faith said...

This is probably not what you need to hear --- but does it all have to be neatly packaged.

the main thing is to be out there loving and being Jesus in your neighbourhood.

But I love it that you say that these folk are fun to work with - and are gracious. That's so encouraging to read :)

Tom Jackson said...


I remember reading something about faith, hope, and love somewhere. Can't remember where, though. ;)

Here's a high-school track report from Northwest Corner of Yourstate, which you may find interesting: